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1. Choose your plan

Our menu changes each week and is uploaded each Thursday for the following week.

2. Order is delivered

We prepare your order twice a week. Your first set of meals will be delivered on Sunday evening. Your second set will be delivered Wednesday evening.

3. Enjoy your meal

Now its your turn to enjoy your fresh tasty meals with the confidence that you can track your macros.


Olympian- Paddy Barnes

I have never found it easier to make weight than since I started on Reuben’s meal plans. The food tastes great and I don’t have to worry about preparing and cooking my meals, and can keep lean even between camps’

Paddy Barnes
Two time Olympian

Craig Gilroy

Reuben’s meal service has been great for me, especially during pre-season which is a very intense 8 weeks. With recovery being so important, Reuben’s meals have helped me to facilitate that, especially in the evenings after when I am feeling the effects of training and lacking the motivation to cook.

Craig Gilroy
Ulster and Ireland Winger

Aamir Ishthaique

Reuben’s meals have been a real game changer for both myself and my clients. With my busy schedule, I struggled to keep on top of my macronutrient allowance and often found my own meal prep boring and repetitive. Using Reuben’s has not only given me a much larger variety of tasty meals, but taken away the stress of meal prep. My clients are now able to understand and meet their calorie allowance more accurately and as such, are achieving better results.

Aamir Ishthaique
WBFF Pro bodybuilder and Personal Trainer